Personnel development

The primary goal of personnel development at Knorr-Bremse is the demand and target-group-based qualification of our staff. This requires a structured survey of our strengths and improvement potential within the company combined with efficiently-designed change processes.

A further goal is identifying management potential, planning for continuous succession and the development of management staff.

Get ahead!

Such is the title of our training program.

Education is the most important key to personal development and professional opportunities. Through our training program, we support our team members in improving their knowledge and competencies and equip them for handling future challenges. Through targeted professional development, we follow the principle of Business Excellence while continuing to fulfill our claim of being “Best in Class.”

Our training program offers a wide spectrum of seminars and workshops, including social and intercultural competence, languages, project management, (brake) technology, quality, legal issues as well as IT and CAD training.

Management staff development

This includes processes for analyzing staff potential (development centers, management audits) and management development programs (management promotion groups) for the entire Group as well as worldwide succession planning.

Additional instruments include regular management reviews as well as management evaluations by employees. The integration of all of these processes and instruments is intended to ensure the development of internal management staff and guarantee continuous internal succession.

Human Resources Dept.

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