KB Spain at VII Conference on Railway Innovation

The city of Zaragoza hosted from 9th until 11th May, 2012 the Seventh Congress of Railway Innovation with a participation of more than 150 persons coming from the most advanced railway companies. Organized by the UNED, in collaboration with the Universities of Zaragoza, Carlos III, Technical University of Catalonia, Pontificia de Comillas, Cantabria and Valencia Polytechnic, at the meeting innovating issues were discussed from different complementary approaches, such as universities participating, railway car builders and suppliers, railway administrations and railway and tram concession companies and engineering firms. The aim of this Congress is to achieve mutual understanding between the world of education and business

The Group Knorr-Bremse España took part in said Conference by means of the below mentioned speech. For further information, please click on the corresponding link.

COMORAN - Condition Monitoring for Railway Applications



D. Manuel González Conde -S.E.de FRENOS

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